November 2020 Art Quiz (No. 8) Answer

In our November group email, we pose the Art Quiz question:

The new Community Art Gallery in The Wilson (to be created on the mezzanine floor above the café) has been funded by a generous bequest from the Charles Irving Charitable Trust.

There is apparently no portrait of Charles Irving in The Wilson’s collections; however, the town does possess a sculpted bronze head of the late MP. This is on display in one of Cheltenham’s most important buildings. Which one?

a) The Pittville Pump Room b) The Town Hall

c) The Library d) The Municipal Offices



Answer: (b) The Town Hall. To find the sculpture (when next you are able to visit the Town Hall), turn left from the foyer towards the drinking fountain, then turn right into the east corridor. The sculpture, on an unusual plinth, occupies a niche immediately on your left.