2021 AGM

Our 2021 AGM was held as a ‘virtual’ meeting on Thursday 1 July, 7 pm.  For details and the agenda, please click here. To view the draft minutes from the 2020 AGM, click here. To view the Accounts, click here. To view the Chair’s report, click here.

June 2021 Art Quiz (No. 14) Answer

Edward Wilson’s pipe, acquired by the Friends for the Art Gallery and Museum’s Edward Wilson Collection Photo credit: The Cheltenham Trust and Cheltenham Borough Council In our June 2021 group email, we pose the Art Quiz question: One indication of the work that the trustees do can be seen by the remarkable range of gifts Read More …

Women in Art

International Women’s Day (8 March) Women in Art, nominated by Friends of The Wilson   Mary Cassatt nominated by Leni Wildflower At a time when it was almost impossible for a woman to get formal training as an artist, Cassatt overcame resistance from her family and moved from Pennsylvania to Paris to continue her studies. Read More …

Friends Crossword

Please try your hand at our Friends themed crossword (included in our Winter 2021 newsletter) by clicking on the link below: Crossword Grid The answers can be found by clicking the following link: Crossword Answers Congratulations to Alison Pascoe who submitted the best solution. If you have any questions, please contact editor@friendsofthewilson.org.uk  

December 2020 Art Quiz (No. 9) Answer

In our December group email, we pose the Art Quiz question: One of the finest Arts and Crafts windows depicting the Nativity is the East window of St Mary’s Church, Prestbury: Who was the Arts and Crafts artist who designed this window? (a)   Christopher Whall                         (b)   Henry Payne (c)    Margaret Edith Rope                   (d)   Read More …