June 2021 Art Quiz (No. 14) Answer

Edward Wilson’s pipe, acquired by the Friends for the Art Gallery and Museum’s Edward Wilson Collection

Photo credit: The Cheltenham Trust and Cheltenham Borough Council

In our June 2021 group email, we pose the Art Quiz question:

One indication of the work that the trustees do can be seen by the remarkable range of gifts and donations the Friends have given to The Wilson over the course of fifty years. In the past decade alone we have made donations in excess of £430,000. Among the more surprising donations was £5000 to secure Edward Wilson’s pipe for the museum’s Edward Wilson collection.

What type of pipe is this? (a) Churchwarden  (b) Billiard  (c) Fraser-Lovatt  (d) Meerschaum





Answer: (b) Billiard

Further information about the Billiard and other shapes of pipe can be found here.

See also: Edward Wilson: pipe-smoking and polar exploration.