April 2022 Art Quiz No. 20 Answer

‘Malvern Abbey’ by Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson. Photo credit: Cheltenham Borough Council and the Cheltenham Trust

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Quiz Question:

If you stand today in the North Choir aisle, you will see two striking modern windows given by the Friends of Malvern Priory to mark the Millennium. Windows by the same artist can also be seen in Tewkesbury Abbey and Gloucester Cathedral. Who is the artist?

(a)  Geoffrey Webb             (b) Caroline Swash       (c) Tom Denny

(d) Florence Camm








(c) Tom Denny.  Only Denny has windows in all three buildings. There are two by Geoffrey Webb in Tewkesbury Abbey and by one Caroline Swash in Gloucester Cathedral, while Florence Camm’s father, TW Camm, produced a notable window commemorating ‘The Jubilee of the Nations’ (1887) for Malvern Priory. Florence Camm (1874-1960) herself became the chief designer for the Camm studio-workshop after her father’s death.