Hugh Gerard Byers – Figure by a River (1990 – 2000)

It feels spooky – it feels strange.

Whenever I see this painting I feel compelled to stop and look, and immediately I feel a sense of strangeness.

There is one figure in the painting.  Only one.  No sign of anybody else; no lights in the windows; no movement on the river; no living thing at all apart from the lone man.

He’s surrounded by a white outline.  An aura?  A protection?  A barrier?  Is he an outcast?  Does he feel isolated and lonely?  Or perhaps he’s happy to have the town to himself and is enjoying having the space.

The dark sky with the moon – or is it the sun with dark clouds?  Is it night or day?  And is the sky threatening doom, or is it peaceful and calming?  Is it a weight hanging over the man – or is his mind having a dark vision?

Then there are the houses.  They remind me of the colourful houses in parts of Bristol – Redcliffe Parade for example – you’ll have better ideas.  As I continue looking, I see that the roofs of the houses also have a white outline.  Like the man’s outline.  I have the same questions for the houses.

When you stand in front of the painting – it’s in the Friends’ Gallery – you can see how thick the paint is.  It’s almost sculpture – something that doesn’t come across in a paper copy.  The thick paint makes the whole thing feel more intense.

So many questions.

John Beard

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